ProAge y los Marcadores del envejecimiento

ProAge and Aging Markers

Real human age is complex, influenced by many factors. Recent research highlights twelve key factors, with epigenetics and chronic inflammation playing crucial roles. At ETERNA, we focus on these areas to develop our products.

Epigenetics and Aging

Epigenetics involves changes in gene expression that don’t alter the DNA sequence. Environmental and lifestyle factors can influence these changes, affecting our age. As we age, these epigenetic changes accumulate, leading to cellular issues and age-related diseases.

At ETERNA, we aim to understand and modulate these changes. Our goal is to create products that support epigenetic health, promoting longevity and well-being.

The Role of Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation, unlike the temporary acute inflammation necessary for healing, is persistent and low-grade. It plays a part in many age-related diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

We at ETERNA focus on managing chronic inflammation. Our products aim to regulate the body’s inflammatory response, supporting cellular health and preventing age-related diseases.

Innovation and the Science of aging at ETERNA

Our commitment to innovation and science drives us to offer effective anti-aging solutions. We base our products on the latest scientific findings in aging, focusing on epigenetics and chronic inflammation.

Our Products

We formulate our products with high-quality ingredients proven to address epigenetic changes and reduce chronic inflammation. This ensures our customers receive solutions backed by science for a healthier, longer life.

Our Commitment

Excellence is our foundation. Our team, comprising scientists and health experts, ensures each product meets the highest quality and efficacy standards. We’re dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation in anti-aging care.


Aging is natural, but advances in understanding epigenetics and chronic inflammation offer new ways to address it. ETERNA leads in this effort, providing products that not only fight aging signs but also support overall health. With our strong science foundation and commitment to quality, ETERNA stands as a leader in anti-aging solutions.

Understanding Aging: Epigenetic and Inflammatory Insights

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