No limit, no time, no place. Do you want to know your biological age at any time? You got it.


What is Activage?

Unlock Your Potential

ActivAge revolutionizes how you perceive health. It's not just about tracking steps; it's about understanding your body at its core. Our cutting-edge technology, backed by rigorous research, brings you real-time insights into your biological age like never before.

Seamless Integration

Simply download the app, answer a few quick questions, and connect to your smartwatch. In seconds, you'll have a window into your biological age and a roadmap to better health.

Why Choose Activage?

Empowering Health

Take charge of your well-being with personalized insights tailored to your lifestyle. With Activage, you're not just tracking numbers; you're unleashing your potential.

Stay Ahead

Real-time tracking keeps you informed, motivated, and one step ahead of your health goals. Watch as your efforts translate into tangible results.

Precision at Your Fingertips

Say goodbye to guesswork. ActivAge provides the clarity you need to make informed decisions about your health, ensuring every step you take is a step towards a healthier, happier you.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Rest assured, your data is safeguarded with the utmost care. We adhere to strict privacy regulations, ensuring your information remains confidential and secure.

Ready to Transform Your Health?

Download ActivAge Today

Don't just track your health—transform it. Join thousands who've already embarked on their journey to a healthier, more vibrant life with ActivAge.

Compatible with Leading Smartwatch Brands

ActivAge seamlessly integrates with the most popular smartwatch brands, ensuring a smooth experience across devices.

Apple watch

through Apple Health app

- Apple Watch Series
- Apple Watch Ultra
- Apple Watch SE
- Apple Watch Nike
- Apple Watch Hermes


through Garmin app
- Garmin Venu
- Garmin Forerunner
- Garmin Instinct
- Garmin Epix
- Garmin Fenix
- Garmin VivoActive
- Garmin Bounce
- Garmin MARQ
- Garmin Lily
- Garmin VivoMove
- Garmin Enduro
- Garmin Descent
- Garmin Quatix
- Garmin Vivosmart
- Garmin Tactix
- Garmin D2
- Garmin Swim


through Fitbit and Google Fit apps
- Fitbit Sense
- Fitbit Versa
- Fitbit Charge
- Fitbit Luxe
- Fitbit Inspire


through Samsung Health app
- Samsung Galaxy Watch
- Samsung Galaxy Watch Classic
- Samsung Galaxy Watch Pro


through Oura and Google Fit apps
- Oura Ring Heritage
- Oura Ring Horizon


through Wahoo and Google Fit apps
- Wahoo Elemnt Rival


through Polar and Google Fit apps
- Polar Vantage
- Polar Ignite
- Polar Pacer
- Polar Grit X
- Polar Unite


through Zepp and Google Fit apps
- Amazfit Balance
- Amazfit Cheetah
- Amazfit Cheetah Pro
- Amazfit Active
- Amazfit Active Edge
- Amazfit T-Rex
- Amazfit T-Rex Ultra
- Amazfit Falcon
- Amazfit GTS
- Amazfit GTR
- Amazfit GTR Mini
- Amazfit Band
- Amazfit Bip


through Withings and Google Fit apps
- Withings ScanWatch
- Withings ScanWatch Nova
- Withings ScanWatch Light
- Withings ScanWatch Horizon
- Withings Steel HR


through Coros app
- Coros Pace
- Coros Vertix
- Coros Apex


through Google Fit and Zepp apps
- Xiaomi Watch
- Xiaomi Watch S
- Xiaomi Watch Pro
- Xiaomi Watch S Pro
- Xiaomi Watch Lite
- Redmi Watch
- Redmi Watch Active
- Redmi Watch S Active
- Redmi Watch Lite
- POCO Watch
- Mi Watch
- Mi Watch Lite


through Cardiomood app
- Cardiomood 287-1
- Cardiomood 287-2


through Decathlon app
- Decathlon SmartWatch CW500 M
- Decathlon SmartWatch CW500 S
- Decathlon SmartWatch GPS 900
- Decathlon SmartWatch CW700 HR

Pixel Watch

through Fitbit and Google Fit apps
- Pixel Watch

Health Gauge

through Health Gauge app
- Health Gauge SmartWatch

Other smartwatches compatible through Google Fit app

- OPPO Watch
- Haylou RS3
- Fossil Gen 5E
- Fossil Gen 5
- Mahipey 3
- Michael Kors
- Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE


Do you want to obtain your biological age more accurately? Don't have a smartwatch?