From epigenetics to proteomics and physical activity

A new generation of biological clocks.

All biological clocks developed by ETERNA Diagnostics offer remarkable accuracy in tracking and predicting circadian rhythms, as well as 99% compliance with the most advanced biological clocks. All our products have been developed with innovative machine learning techniques, a branch of AI. You will be able to monitor your health in real time through our app, either by connecting it to your smart watch, or by visualizing the results of our blood test.


Epigenetics is the science that studies the mechanisms that regulate gene expression. It is responsible for establishing relationships between the genetic influences of our ancestors and the environment around us.
Your interpretation.

Epigenome analysis provides valuable information about an individual’s health status, disease susceptibility and potential response to certain treatments. It also allows the identification of personalized biomarkers based on the epigenetic profile of each individual.

The influence of lifestyle.

Lifestyle has a profound impact on the epigenome, influencing gene expression patterns and, in the long term, health. Factors such as diet, exercise, stress or daily sleep cause epigenetic modifications and regulate our genes.

epigenetic clocks

Epigenetic clocks are precise tools capable of estimating a person's biological age. They stand out for their power to predict alterations in health related to healthy aging.
Its accuracy.

These complex biological estimators are able to monitor the state of the organism by analyzing the methylations found in the DNA. Among all existing biological clocks, epigenetic clocks, besides being one of the 12 hallmarks of aging, are the most robust and accurate predictors.

Its importance.

Epigenetic age is related to life expectancy, mortality risk and morbidity. Accelerated epigenetic aging rates have also been obtained in patients with different morbidities.

Omic translation

The ETERNA team has done omics translation, bringing the power of epigenetics to much more affordable everyday devices such as blood tests (proteomics) and smartwatches.
How did we do it?

For the development of this new generation of biological clocks, we conducted a study in 2022 where daily physical activity and sleep data, thousands of blood proteins and approximately one million epigenetic data were collected.

By implementing machine learning algorithms, different panels of variables capable of predicting epigenetic age with high accuracy were identified.

The impact.

ETERNA aims to democratize health care, reducing the inexplicable cost of knowing and understanding the state of your body. ProAge uses DBS (Dried Blood Spot) technology to non-invasively collect blood drops from home, which are analyzed in our laboratories in record time. ActivAge takes advantage of the immediacy of smartwatches to provide the user with continuous, accurate, real-time health monitoring.

Our variables.

We quantified proteins and physical activity and daily sleep variables related to senescence, inflammation and, more generally, the hallmarks of aging (also known as the Hallmarks of Aging). The variables and algorithms are patented and the study has been published in a high impact scientific journal.