Valencia’s Lanzadera Welcomes Eterna to Its Acceleration Program

We’re thrilled to share that ETERNA has secured a spot in Lanzadera, the leading startup accelerator in Valencia. This achievement is a pivotal moment in our journey, bolstered by Lanzadera’s support and investment, propelling our business growth.

Juan Roig’s Vision Fuels Entrepreneurial Growth

Juan Roig, the visionary behind Mercadona and EDEM, established Lanzadera to boost entrepreneurship, create jobs, and invigorate the entrepreneurial spirit. Lanzadera’s commitment to societal benefit creates the perfect breeding ground for groundbreaking initiatives.



A Vibrant Ecosystem for ETERNA

Joining in September 2022, we have embraced the rich opportunities Lanzadera presents. Within a bustling community of over 1000 startups, we’ve flourished, enjoying a culture of collaboration, heightened visibility, and access to vital private investments. This nurturing environment has propelled our business model forward, driving us to deliver substantial societal contributions.

Eterna’s Bright Prospects with Lanzadera

Lanzadera, with its impressive track record of over 700 million euros in startup funding, shines as the premier platform for growth. This robust support system not only fuels ambitious ventures but also cements Valencia’s position as a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurial success. The program’s dedication to nurturing startups paves the way for transformative projects, setting a new standard in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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